Makrouh KhachatryanBorn in 1968 in  Akhaltsikhe, Georgia.

1987- 1989 she studied in the vocal department of the State Musical College named after Romanos Melikyan.

Makrouhi continued the study in the vocal department of the Yerevan Komitas State Conservatory under the professor Marianna Haroutyunyan and graduated from it in 1996.

Since 1990, Makrouhi performed as a soloist in St. Sargis, St.Zoravar, Oshakan St.Mesrop Mashtots, St. G. Narekatsi Armenian Catholic churches. Since 2005, she is also a soloist of “Oshakan” vocal-instrumental ensemble.

Since 1996 works as  singer in the Yerevan State Chamber Choir and presently is the soloist of the choir. 

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