“This choir is unique by the fact that each individual is responsible for the excellent performance.

When I entered the Yerevan State Chamber Choir, I was a newly graduated soloist, and I had no idea what kind of issues and work awaited me...

“Singing in a choir tempers educates and gives an opportunity to grow as a musician.

"Most exciting part of reading a new composition is the following study on composer's biography, views, musical thinking.

“Maestro has a very delicate sense of music that he tries to share with us, and when in performances, we collect outcome of those long, through rehearsals, we all obtain happiness.

“I was affected with Choral arts for a while; this why I bumped this astonishing world since I was a student.

“Choral art delivers unlimited capacities for joint creativity. While working with the YSCC as a musician, I feel awarded with the highest level of colleague’s professionalism.

“I started my singing career at an early age performing in various choirs and came across with this choir by a happy coincidence.

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