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William Weiner – Honored Art Worker of the Republic of Armenia (2008), a member of the Israeli Composers League (2013), president of the Jewish Cultural Center “Menora” in Armenia (1994), Principal Director of Yerevan State Chamber Choir (2018).

Maestro Weiner was born originally in a Jewish family in Yerevan on November 25 in 1955. He has become a famous composer and a brilliant instrumentalist, whose background is the secondary school for gifted children after Tchaikovsky and Yerevan Komitas State Conservatory, which he graduated with honors, having attended violin classes led by Professor Jean Ter-Mergeryan (1974-1979). He has an impressive 45 years background of the violinist, singer and composer; he has passed an impressive career route from a virtuoso instrumentalist to a world-known composer.

The creativity of maestro Weiner is original and unique in its own way. He is the author of numerous symphonic, jazz, chamber-instrumental, piano and choral works. Willy Weiner is one of the vivid representatives of Jewish classic musical culture introducing a substantial contribution to its development and expansion. Weiner’s music is performed by numerous artists all over the world, including Armenia, Israel, Russia, Georgia, USA and Germany and many others.

Willy Weiner’s social activities deserve special attention. He has been one of the leaders of the Jewish movement since the 1970s. He was behind the creation of organized Jewish Community in Armenia. In the darkest years of the independent Armenian state (1992-1995) he was the Head of the Community. In 1994, Willy Weiner founded the Jewish Cultural Centre “Menora” which resulted in organization of many festivals, concerts and cultural events initiated and coordinated by him.

Upon the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the creative activity, Willy Weiner was awarded the Gold Medal of the Ministry of Culture of Armenia for his significant contribution to the country's culture and for his remarkable achievements in the promotion of tolerance through universal values (2015).

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